The Don Martin School of
Radio and Television
Arts and Sciences

The Don Martin School
had a deep and significant influence on the dynamics of the Television and Radio industry like none other in the history of Hollywood. If you were a student or an instructor at the school, we invite you to lend your comments.

Don Martin
Founder of Don Martin School
Photo circa 1952

Howard Townsend
Former President and Director

This 'latest' Don Martin School brochure
was widely used in the early 1970s.

Don Martin students
Students were taught to operate this film chain.

On-camera experience and hands-on
operations made the Don Martin School unique.

FCC License class.
Instructor Ivan Parry and students
working hard in this FCC License class.

This classroom overlooked Hollywood Boulevard.

KPLA Radio Station.
The control room of KPLA Radio
on the premises of the Don Martin School
where students received
simulated on-air experience.

Above caption from Hollywood
Chamber of Commerce publication
of 1953 "The Hollywoodian" reads:
Don Martin, owner and operator of the new 6,000-Watt FM Radio Station
KSRT, is showing Radio TV emcee, Ralph Edwards, and recording star, Kay
Malone, some of the gadgets on his new broadcast equipment. Martin also
owns and operates a radio and television school. Headquarters for the new
station, which begins operation June 1, is at 1655 No. Cherokee St."

Pioneer Broadcasters Meet
Executives from CBS and the Don Martin School
pose during a meeting of Pioneer Broadcasters,
an association that was at the time
located at Sunset and Vine, Hollywood.

Teachers review schedule.
Teachers review the schedule.
Instructions in all aspects of
television production were offered.

Don Martin Ad
This ad appeard in a Hollywood newspaper.
Note the address should have read
1653 N. Cherokee Ave.- not 653.
The same building was also 1655. Confused?

Broadcasting Magazine...The industry bible
This was the cover of
Broadcasting Magazine dated October 11, 1971.
The school opened on November 1, 1936.
The cover represented the renovated exterior of the
Cherokee Avenue location designed by its
President, Howard Townsend. Mack and
Geraldine Bruce were also Boardmembers.

Don Martin School
Don Martin School was originally
located at Crossroads of the World
which still exists today. Still another
location of the school was at
6700 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood,
which was their television facility in 1951.

Radio class
Radio class is in session

Don Martin used this brochure
before the school expanded to include
the new media called 'television'.

Hamilton Williams
Hamilton Williams,
Instructor at Don Martin School.

Don Steele
The Real Don Steele... Don Martin Grad.
Don, whose real name was
Don Revert, got his First
Class license in radio.

Don Steele
The Real Don Steele...
on the job in California.

The Real Don Steele
The Real Don Steele...
Very popular on L.A. Radio.

Don Imus...popular and successful
Don Imus reknown graduate
of Don Martin School-
His venue is in
both radio and television.

Andy Barber
Andy Barber- another
Don Martin graduate.

Jack Narz
Another graduate, Jack Narz
became reknown in
both radio and television.

Tom Kennedy
Graduate Tom Kennedy,
Jack Narz's brother...
also Radio Announcer
and Television host

Bob Eubanks
Graduate Bob Eubanks...
Top Forty DJ at KRLA, Los Angeles,
and network Television host
for many years.

Scott Ellsworth
Scott Ellsworth...was on the
air at KCOP-TV and KNX-TV (CBS-TV)
and KFI Los Angeles and more recently
KWXY, Cathedral City, (Palm Springs) California.